The Pandora Principle (Star Trek, Book 49) by Carolyn Clowes

By Carolyn Clowes

A Romulan chook of Prey mysteriously drifts over the impartial sector and into Federation territory. Captain Kirk and the staff of the firm examine, basically to discover the send lifeless in house. while Starfleet orders the derelict send delivered to Earth for exam, the company returns domestic with probably her maximum prize. however the chicken of Prey consists of a perilous shipment, a perilous strength that's quickly unleashed within the middle of the Federation. all of sudden, the one wish for the Federation's survival lies buried within the tortured reminiscence of Commander Spock's prot?g?, a cadet named Saavik. jointly, Spock and Saavik needs to go back to the nightmare global of Saavik's start -- a planet known as Hellguard, to find the key in the back of the Romulans' most threatening danger of all...

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This pleased her. She drew herself up proudly and tossed her head, sending a cloud of dust into the air. "No, Spock! She may not bring the-" "Be silent. " "There is a way," Spock lowered his voice, moved another step closer. So no one else could see, he opened the pocket of his robe. "We can hide it-here. " Eyes lit, then narrowed shrewdly. Secrecy appealed to her; so did her knife. She fingered its cracked hilt with affection. " she whispered desperately. Tears gathered in her eyes. Her mouth began to tremble, and she clamped it into a small, tight line.

He took a deep breath and went on. "Someday these children will seek to know their origins, their identities, their places in the Universe. " The thunder in Sarek's voice was not so distant. "We seek to repair their minds. " "Treat them as we would our own," Spock said quietly, "for in fact they are. To uproot them from their birthworld as we must, to tend them on a station that does not even orbit Vulcan's sun, to instill in them a 'measure' of Vulcan thought and then to send them on their way-is that the sum of our debt to those we named tonight?

He felt he knew her. Nonsense. He was obviously concussed and must alert himself to further symptoms. She sidled closer, inspecting him inch by inch. His face, hands, clothing and shoes were all gone over with acquisitive interest. Eyes lit on his tricorder. She pointed with her knife. Reluctantly, Spock pushed it toward her on the ground. " she hissed, displeased that it contained no food. Her language was Romulan, and Spock answered her in kind. "It. tells me things," he said. Her eyes went wide.

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