An introduction to uncertainty in measurement using the GUM by L. Kirkup, R. B. Frenkel

By L. Kirkup, R. B. Frenkel

Dimension shapes medical theories, characterises advancements in production procedures and promotes effective trade. In live performance with dimension is uncertainty, and scholars in technological know-how and engineering have to establish and quantify uncertainties within the measurements they make. This publication introduces size and uncertainty to moment and 3rd yr scholars of technological know-how and engineering. Its technique is dependent upon the across the world acknowledged and urged directions for calculating and expressing uncertainty (known through the acronym GUM). The information underpinning the equipment are thought of and labored examples and workouts are unfold in the course of the textual content. specific case reports in accordance with general undergraduate experiments are integrated to augment the rules defined within the booklet. This advisor can be helpful to pros in who're anticipated to understand the modern equipment during this more and more vital zone. extra on-line assets can be found to aid the ebook at

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The other method of identifying a systematic error is by changing the experimental set-up. The change may be intentional in order to seek out any systematic error, or may occur for other reasons, with the systematic error being discovered ‘by accident’ as a result of the change. The change may also take place as a slow natural process, generating an increasing and significant systematic error, which, however, remains unsuspected for a prolonged period. In high-accuracy electrical measurements, the slow deterioration in the insulating property of materials, permitting increasing leakage currents, is such a process.

4 s. 7%). 382 353 m/s. 7%. 4 m/s. Rule 3 When numbers are added or subtracted, quote the answer to the number of significant digits that implies a proportional uncertainty closest to the greater of the component proportional uncertainties. 0158 kg. 003%. 08% and is the higher of the two proportional uncertainties. 08%. 5% 5 parts in 100 or 5%. 016 kg. Rule 4 When a quantity with proportional uncertainty p is raised to the power n, the resultant proportional uncertainty is |np| and the quoted number of significant figures should reflect this.

1, we are likely to observe a scatter of random errors around the ‘line of best fit’ that gives us the temperature coefficient of resistance. In this example, the resistor has a ‘nominal’ value of 1500 and is wound from a special type of wire with a very low temperature coefficient. Several measurements have been taken at each of four selected temperatures. 59 µ / . A sequence of reasonably stable measurements suggests a possible general way in which we might obtain the true value of a measurand. We make as many measurements as possible under the same conditions and calculate their mean.

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