Acoustical Measurements (rev.) by L. Beranek

By L. Beranek

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Such higher frequencies may have been measured by techniques not directly applicable to the (sub)mm lasers. 27]. The C0 2 laser frequencies themselves are known from previous work (see Chap. 5). The two lasers, together with the (sub)mm radiation to be measured, illuminate a point-contact diode, such as a W-Ni contact, in which the difference frequencies are generated. 7 shows the experimental arrangement. lm CH30H laser line. 27]. One complication is to establish whether the difference between the (sub)mm and the synthesized frequencies is positive or negative, which can 24 C02 LASER 1 NKNOWN LASER FREQ.

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7], together with calculated wavenumbers and wavelengths (in vacuum). Most of the frequencies are measured values. 73 x w- 4, which is true at l5°C over this mnge of wavelengths. ) 11m band (II) Line Frcq. \[Jtlll] Line Frcq. 17 G. Busse, R. Thurmaier: Appl. Phys. Lett. 31, 194-195 (1977) Societe Anonyme de Telecommunications, France C. Freed, A. Javan: Appl. Phys. Lett. 17, 53-56 (1970) K. J. Siemsen, J. Reid: Opt. Commun. 20, 284-288 (1977) N. J. Wolga: IEEE J. C. L. Soohoo, C. Freed: IEEE J.

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