A Multitude Of Monsters (The Exploits of Ebenezum, Bk. 2) by Craig Shaw Gardner

By Craig Shaw Gardner

"A enjoyable romp. the sphere wishes extra humorists of this caliber." (Robert Asprin)

whereas looking a healing for his illness of magicks, the ache sorcerer Ebenezum and his hapless apprentice are rudely interrupted through militant monsters with a reason.

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I thought of a grackle. A great brown bird, its feathers shining in the sun. I whispered the proper mystic phrases, and launched myself from an imaginary branch, cawing at an imaginary sky. Norei! I was aloft, soaring above the clouds. Norei! I saw my beloved’s red hair, far below. I swooped down to be near her, plummeting through the air with tremendous speed. This time, 1 would learn her warning! ” Norei turned her face to the sky. ” I cried, almost overcome with joy. “I—” The wizard sneezed.

With the third explosion, Hendrek had drawn Headbasher from its protective sack. ” Hendrek swung the warclub above his head so quickly that the air screamed with its passing. Headbasher was an enchanted club, and when the large warrior held it in his hands, he became like a man possessed. But Headbasher’s magic was a curse as well, for Hendrek had obtained the club from the demon Brax, who neglected to inform the warrior as to the exact terms of sale. To his everlasting horror, Hendrek soon learned that Headbasher was a club no man could own, but could only rent!

And perhaps some day my fingers might learn that art, on the day they become tired from constantly carrying about the large amounts of gold I receive for performing the more gaudy and noisy magic that pays so well. ” The word escaped my lips as the Brownie disappeared. Norei! The greatest love of my life. How could I describe her? Her face, her hair, her skin, the way she smiled? No, mere words could not do justice to the way I felt about her. Norei! And if the Brownie could be trusted, she was coming to join me!

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