A Lost Touch of Innocence by Amy Tolnitch

By Amy Tolnitch

By way of touching a magic crystal, Piers Veuxfort recklessly unchained the essence of a decidedly depraved Fin guy who now is living inside his physique. in the meantime, Giselle St. Germain’s lifestyles in a secluded nunnery is over and he or she has been thrown into the area to turn into Piers’ bride. Giselle quickly becomes frightened via either her betrothed’s unabashed adherence to excitement and his more and more strange character, and Piers wishes not anything yet to ship again his bride-to-be. finally the pair discovers that future is theirs to win, however it will take all of the braveness that lies inside of their inner most hearts to grab it jointly.

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Why would she be? A girl with no dowry, no skills in running a household, and who didn’t even 33 Amy Tolnitch know her ancestry? What should she do? Giselle wondered. Where should she go? I cannot marry, she thought. I will not marry. “I belong to God,” she told Guinevere. ” And deep in her heart, she knew that God wanted her. Giselle spent most of the remainder of the day in prayer. On the morrow, she would have to find the chapel, though today she had no desire to leave her chamber. Unfortunately, her stomach felt otherwise.

She must have taken it. ” She looked up then and he saw a trace of defiance in her gaze. ” Uncertainty shadowed her face. ” Piers leaned against the doorway, surprised at her answer. ” Giselle looked away again. ” Piers frowned. Who was this girl? ” She shrugged. “I do not remember, my lord. I was so young. ” Something was not right about her story, Piers thought. Or missing. ” The girl began crying, tears flowing down her smooth cheeks like rainfall. Piers briefly closed his eyes. By Saint George’s sword, what am I to do with this girl?

No doubt the wench was probably immersed in prayers to God for deliverance from the punishment of having to marry him. He nearly laughed when he envisioned her reaction to the man he’d become after the Isle of Parraba. Slowing the horse, he imagined their conversation. Well, my lady it appears that I have a bit of a problem. You see, Gifford 27 Amy Tolnitch and I spent some time on an island filled with magic. Unfortunately, some of the magic spilled into me, and now I find I have a very unwelcome, very noxious presence of another man inside me.

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